Thursday, 4 September 2014

i ♥ tape hiss - is back!

i ♥ tape hiss

As from today, 3rd of july, 2017, i ♥ tape hiss will be updated on a more regular basis. I've managed to squeeze in 3 new posts in the past 3 or 4 days. I have some other tapes lined up and hope to get the posts up whenever I have some more free time.

All older posts that had photographs missing -due to "new, better Flickr" changing all the URLs- have been brought up to date and the photos replaced. 

A lot of images are listed as "No Longer Available".
This is due to updating at Flickr of some of the photos which originally appeared on this blog. Since today, 30 August 2015, I've been re-posting a few of them and hope to get through the entire blog sometime in the near future. As I promised last year I'll eventually get round to posting some new posts as well.

Will no longer be updated sometime
in the near future.
I've abandoned Tumblr and will be posting
here soon.
04 September 2014

My thanks to all visitors and 
followers of this blog over the past
few years.