Monday, 20 June 2011

from brussels with love (tape) view 3

I can't imagine many people having this tape (in it's original format). It's the first edition which came in a PVC 7"-single format sleeve and included, as well as the tape and it's fiche technique, a 16-page booklet. I managed to get this almost the day after reading a review about it's release in the NME. Very few were initially made but due to demand (I imagine) a second edition, was released in the normal plastic cassette case in 1982. This second edition came with an all white, instead of black, background but with the same cover photograph. A vinyl edition was released later but I don't recall ever having seen one. Also, a highly desirable, belgian-pressed Japanese double-vinyl edition was released in 1983. I've never seen that one either.

from brussels with love
les disques du crépuscule
tape, fiche technique, & booklet (detail)
twi 007 (1980)

includes a 7" format, 16-page booklet (with pvc sleeve)
and a fiche technique

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