Wednesday, 12 July 2017

björk : post

björk : post
one little indian (1995)

This is another tape that i got at a car boot sale some time ago. Picked it up the same day as an Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 'Best of OMD' cassette. Got both from a woman for the princely sum of 1€ if i recall correctly. Both tapes are in near-mint condition. If they had been wrapped in the cellophane they have when they're factory produced they would have looked brand new. 

Anyhow, I don't really care at all for Björk. I've always, apart from two or three early Sugurcubes singles as well as a tape version of their first album, thought of her as sounding absolutely dreadful. In fact, I go along with what trangressive cult film director John Waters says: "Björk is the new Yoko Ono - only worse!" Might be missing out, but frankly I can't see myself one day going through her whole back catalogue.

I have this unsavoury feeling that her whole act is so contrived and calculated that it puts me right off her. Must admit though that I quite liked her song 'Big Time Sensuality'* and it's accompanying video clip of Björk on the back of a flat bed truck going through Manhattan. As for this tape, the only thing that I'm consciously aware of having heard on it is the appallingly bad 'It's Oh So Quiet' track. A song which, much to my misfortune, seemed to be on the radio 24/7 at one time. I've never played the tape.

Mind you, to finish on a more positive note; the artwork's very nice indeed - the J-card is an 8-panel fold out which includes the lyrics to all of the songs. Excellent design by Me Company and great photography by Stephan Sednaoui.
The latter being the chap that shot the video mentionned above.


*I'll correct that: I quite like 'Human Behaviour' as well. So not all negative.

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