Monday, 3 July 2017

william basinski : the disintegration loops
william basinski
the disintegration loops
temporary residence (2012)

Slight return to 'i ♥ tape hiss' after a very long hiatus. I intend to, or at least try to, update this blog more frequently. Today we have a "cassette" version of the incredible 9/11 recordings, 'The Disintegration Loops' by William Basinski. The original records were released in 2002 but this came as a promo item with the reissue of a box set by Temporary Residence Ltd. in 2012. Wonderful item and one of Basinski's best recordings ever all in MP3 format.

Memory stick, USB flash drive in cassette format.
Promo version that contains the entire box set of the Disintegration Loops I-IV plus two live concerts by Basinski at The 54th Venice Music Biennale, October 18, 2008 and at The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, September 11, 2011

Courtesy of @GMAssistance

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